Can I get a visa refund?

Can I get a visa refund?

One of the first questions that a visa applicant asks him/herself before applying for a visa is “will I get a visa refund?”

The question is close ended, yet the answer is not as simple as yes or no. A visa refund would always depend on a number of factors.

An applicant whose visa application has been refused cannot request for a visa refund, same as an applicant who, in the middle of the process, changes his/her mind about the visa application.

Am I eligible to apply for a visa refund?

However, before a person applies for a visa refund the question of eligibility must first be answered. In most cases, the appropriate person to request for a refund is the payer or an authorised representative can also request on behalf of the payer.

Can I get a visa refund?

A visa refund is possible in some specific and limited circumstances only. Here are some of those factors:

  • The applicant died before a decision could be made
  • The fee or charge paid was greater than the prescribed fee or charge
  • Fee or charge was accidentally paid or charged twice
  • Fee or charge paid but no fee or charge was due
  • The fee was paid but no application was lodged, or the application was deemed invalid
  • Incorrect fee paid
  • Departmental error

These factors may seem straightforward, but you have to consider the fact that the Department of Home Affairs sets the fees and are the decision-makers on whether your visa application is eligible for a refund.

Have you had a visa recently refused and believe you are eligible for a refund? Get in touch with us so we can assess your circumstances and advise you accordingly.