Fee Structure

LIVV Immigration follows a strict and ethical process for charging our clients. Before we commence any work, we will provide you with an “Estimate of Fees”, in order to ensure your satisfaction and acceptance prior to representation.

Our service fee is fixed and there are no hidden costs involved. All fees and charges fall within the average cost set by the Registered Migration Agents, as listed on the MARA website.

Every year, registered migration agents give the Office of the Migration Agents Registration Authority (MARA) information about the average fees they charge. From there once the average fees are accumulated, the MARA uploads the average pricing to the MARA website to give potential clients an idea of how much they might have to pay an agent for their services.

The “Code of Conduct” for registered migration agents also highlights that the fees an agent charges their client must be fair and reasonable. These fees are based on a client’s individual circumstance.

Why fees may vary:

  • Visa application type
  • Amount of time it will take to prepare the visa application.
  • Level of service required
  • Extra help or complex circumstances
  • Experience and qualification of the agent

To view the average pricing table, please click here.

Initial consultation fees

In order to establish clients instructions and requests an initial consultation / assessment is conducted. . The consolation may be conducted in person, telephone, or Skype call.