Our Code of Conduct

The “Code of Conduct” (the code) is a set of rules, which Registered Migration Agents must abide by. The code seeks to enforce ethics and provide practical ethical practice to agents.

The code enshrines two main aspects of ethical practice, these are:

  • Acting honestly and with integrity
  • Ensuring professional competency through

maintaining up to date knowledge of migration law

Therefore the code generally sets out the prescribed obligations agents must have towards their clients and how they conduct their services .

These obligations cover:

  • An agents interaction and obligations to their clients
  • Responsibilities and relations with other agents
  • Standards of Professional Conduct
  • Record keeping and financial management
  • Fees and charges
  • Agents responding correctly to complaints
  • Termination of Service
  • Ensure client awareness of the code

All Migration Agents are obligated to display the code in their office and client waiting area.

If the client wishes to obtain a copy from their chosen agent, the agent must provide the client with a copy of the code if they request one. However, if you wish to download a copy of the code please click here.

Migration agents are bound to conduct themselves in accordance with the code due to operation of Section 314 of the Migration Act 1958 (Cth)