Using A Migration Agent

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Why a Migration Agent can save you Money, Time, and Peace of Mind

Applying for an Australian visa can be daunting. The process involves countless forms and certifications, all of which need to be completed in proper order for your application to be successful. You also need to commit a great deal of time to learning about the process, choosing the most appropriate visa for your situation, and ensuring you have acquired and completed the relevant paperwork.

Further to this, you also need to part with large amounts of money to pay the non-refundable government fee’s to apply for a visa. If any one of the many steps along this path are missed or mistaken, you run the risk of not only wasting your time and money, but you also place you and your family’s future in jeopardy.

The ideal way to avoid these pitfalls is to get it right the first time, to make sure each line is completed and each box is crossed, and create the greatest possible chance of a successful application. But in reality, very few of us know the process in enough depth to do this. We may not be aware of the ways in which we can make our chances of success stronger, and our application may end up being a shot in the dark.

What a Migration Agent Can do for You

MARA (Migration Agents Registration Authority) registered migration agent will do many things for you. But above all, they will provide you with the peace of mind that your application will be as strong as possible. A migration agent will have an in depth knowledge of the laws and procedures surrounding the visa application process. As such they will be able to advise you on the best possible pathway to suit your situation as well as helping you to get a decision more quickly.

A migration agent will take charge of compiling all of the relevant forms, and ensure that they are complete and blemish free, as well as advising you on any ways you can earn more credibility for your application. This will drastically reduce the possibility of having to re-apply and pay the visa application fee for a second time.

The Migration Agents Registry Authority binds all of its members to a code of conduct which obliges them to provide accurate, unbiased advice and inform you on your result in a timely manner. They are also required by law to keep any money paid by their clients in a separate holding account until work is completed. This protects you should any disputes arise.

Anyone accepting a fee or submitting a visa application while not being registered with MARA is doing so illegally and it is important to ensure that any agent you deal with is fully registered, you can check the list of registered agents here.

Agents acting outside of MARA may have limited knowledge of the laws and processes. They may also provide you with incorrect advice and make unrealistic promises. There are many cases of such agents taking advantage of people in vulnerable situations and in some cases agents have fraudulently stolen huge sums of cash from their clients.

So, if you are planning to apply for an Australian visa, it is important to consider the difference between going it alone and having an expert with the inside track on your side. The question really comes down to how much you are willing to gamble with your time, money, peace of mind, and the future of you and your family.

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