Education Consultant Versus Migration Agent In Melbourne

Education Consultant Versus Migration Agent In Melbourne

Want to study in Australia? Are you thinking of applying for a student visa to study in Australia? Well, you might have come across many visa agencies and enrolment companies offering you course options and support services. However, with the vast variety of choices, how do you choose the right one? What can a registered migration agent in Melbourne do for you that an education consultant cannot? How do you go about your visa process? Should you talk to a visa agent in Melbourne? Let’s answer all your questions and clarify your doubts.

Role Of An Education Consultant In Melbourne

When you think about a student visa or want career counselling, the foremost step is to find the right education consultant to assist you with choosing the right academic pathway and help with your career goals.

Be mindful that

  • An education consultant in Melbourne can only provide career and course counselling, assist with your course application process, recommend the best place of study and help secure a place in the college or university.
  • They can advise you on the entry requirements for your particular course of study. They cannot provide any advice on migration or short or long-term visa options and any other complex cases as it’s considered unlawful for them to do that.

A Migration Can Help

If you have been searching for someone to help with your student visa application, a registered migration agent can provide valid guidance and advice.

  • A qualified and registered migration agent can assess your application, and eligibility criteria and prepare written submissions to support your student visa application process.
  • As they are knowledgeable and know how the Australian Migration system works and help clear anything that affects your visa process. 
  • Generally, migration agent fees in Melbourne are quite competitive. When choosing a migration agent, make sure they are approachable and fit within your budget.

Whether you plan to extend your visitor visa or want to learn a new skill or course that will help you with your career or change your residence permanently to Australia, hire our migration agents and immigration agents in Melbourne to help you out.  If you want to put your future into safe hands and move to Australia quickly, call Livv Immigration on 1300 548 846 today.