Things You Should Know Before Applying For A Visitor Visa

Things You Should Know Before Applying For A Visitor Visa

So you have finally decided to visit the land of beaches and dreams –Melbourne. Before you pack your backpack, there are certain things you should know when applying for a Visitor visa in Melbourne. Hiring a visitor visa consultant in Melbourne can help you fulfill all the necessary aspects and provide assistance in completing the process. A visitor visa allows you to meet your long-distance partner or friends, or short-term medical treatment, or stay in your relative’s house. All you need to have is a (Subclass 600) visitor visa. However, if you want to tour scenic attractions in Australia, a tourist visa is crucial. When you apply for a tourist visa, it only applies for recreation, holidays, and sightseeing and not any business-related affairs. If you are not aware of the visitor visa process in Melbourne, get in touch with a registered migration agent in Melbourne or read below to know the information.

Below are the listed criteria you should be aware of before applying for a visitor visa.

  • A visitor visa won’t be necessary if you are a citizen of Australia or New Zealand. A visitor visa is mandatory for your travel and stay.
  • You will have to submit and sign your income passenger card and submit the application with all the required details. You must remember that you should only provide relevant information to fulfill the visa criteria; otherwise, the visa will be delayed or cancelled.
  • Once your visa application is approved, you will have a period of 3 or 6, or 12 months to stay in Australia. You cannot extend your stay and must abide by your visa validity.

Your Visitor Visa Requirements Include

As a visitor visa applicant, you will have to explain to the visa authorities your purpose of visit – whether it is visiting friends, relatives, or tour and acknowledge all the details you submit are true.

  • Your financial reports
  • Submit proofs or reports about your health and character.
  • You will have to provide your thumbprints as well.

If you want to spend a long holiday touring and visiting all the tourist attractions, having a visitor visa will allow you to spend a year. But if you are a business traveller, you can apply for an electronic travel authority visa (subclass 601). If you are planning a short trip, apply for an e-visitor visa subclass 651 will help you study, work or tour around for three months.

No matter the type of visa you require or the duration you need, seek the guidance of our visa agents in Melbourne from Livv Immigration. To consult with our migration agents, call us at 1300 548 846 today.