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  • In order to obtain this visa, a person must be married to their Australian sponsor...
  • This is issued to applicants for the sole purpose of coming to Australia to marry...
  • When you are applying for an appeal for your Australian immigration visa...
  • Thinking about studying in Australia on a vocational or tertiary level? Australia possesses a number...
  • This section covers all other options. These include Child, Aged Dependent Relative, Remaining Relative, Working...

About Us

LIVV Immigration Services is a leading, Australian-owned, Melbourne based migration agency committed to providing clients with the fast, efficient and cost-effective immigration solutions. Our skilled migration agents specialise in handling all types of Australian migration visas including Partner, Parent, Student and Skilled visas. We also provide clients with all other immigration related assistance, including visa cancellation and refusals, and Australian Citizenship applications.

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What We do

What We do

LIVV Immigration is a one-stop resource for all your immigration needs. We are a team of qualified, Australian migration law and practice certified agents dedicated to making the immigration process a successful, stress-free experience for all our clients in Melbourne Victoria. We specialise in all student and family visas and also deal with issues related to cancellations and refusals.

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