Registered Migration Agent Brunswick

Migration Agent Brunswick

Migrating to Australia requires a visa, in some cases this can be a troublesome process and requires you to do in-depth research. Before applying for a visa, you should determine the type of visa that is right for you. If you are not sure which visa is a suitable one and need help with migrating to Brunswick, Australia, you can seek help from LIVV Immigration. Our registered migration agents have a thorough understanding of the following types of visas:

  • Visitor Visa
  • Partner Visa
  • Parent Visa
  • Student Visa
  • Prospective Marriage Visa
  • Skilled Visas
  • Employment Sponsored Visas
  • Business and Investment Visas
  • Much More

Major Types of Visas That We Specialise In

Partner Visa Brunswick:

When it comes to applying for a Partner visa, there are many options available for you. However, the most appropriate option for your situation depends on the nature of your relationship, how long you have been in a relationship and your location at the time of application. In addition, your Partner visa application will be judged based on the genuineness and persistence of your relationship. You must prove that you are in a long-term committed relationship with your partner. This can be done by providing evidence showing:

  • Financial aspects of your relationship
  • Social aspects
  • Nature of the commitment to each other
  • Shared household responsibility

Initially, you will be given a temporary visa for a period of two years, following which you will receive a permanent visa, provided your relationship is continuing.

Student Visa Brunswick:

With world-class schools, colleges and universities, Australia has been grabbing the attention of students from all over the world. If you are dreaming to purse your higher study in Australia, you may be eligible to apply for a student visa? LIVV Immigration has a team of migration agents and education consultants who can make your visa application process easier. In order to apply for a Student visa, you must meet the following criteria:

  • Confirmation of enrolment
  • English proficiency requirement
  • Financial requirements
  • Australian health requirement
  • Australian character requirement
  • Sufficient funds to cover your living expenses
  • Overseas Student Health Cover

Do you need help with processing your visa application?

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