If you have made the decision to seek an Australian visa, whether, for permanent or more short-term goals, you are likely already aware of the task ahead of you. Immigration processes can be complex, requiring the compilation of numerous official documents and information, and the cost of a misstep can be enormous.

That is why LIVV Immigration offers our services as a migration agent to Greensborough, and all the Melbourne region. Our talented staff is able to bring clarity to this process, relieving you of the burden of paperwork and process, while offering you the best chance of success.

Our storied practice offers every kind of visa available, but we also specialise in visa cancellation and refusal appeal to the tribunal. Despite our wealth of experience across these areas, we know that there will not be a single solution for every visitor who comes to our doors. Our professional staff treat each customer with the personalised service that they deserve, ensuring the highest possible chance of a successful outcome.

If you are in need of a migration agent in Greensborough, look no further than your local experts at LIVV Immigration.

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Nineteen kilometres north of Melbourne lies the suburb of Greensborough, a member of the City of Banyule. Formerly a region dominated by farming and livestock, the area has been enveloped by Melbourne’s growth, now hosting a large and varied residential and commercial sector.