Registered Migration Agent Abbotsford

Migration Agent Abbotsford

Every visa application is a tedious process and is governed by stringent migration laws. If you only have a little knowledge about the migration laws, you can seek professional assistance from LIVV Immigration. Since our establishment, we have facilitated thousands of couples, families, and students across Abbotsford and the surrounding suburbs with their migration requirements. Our registered migration agents provide complete assistance throughout the application process and help you untangle the intricacies of the Australian migration law.

We Can Help You with The Following Types of Visas:

  • Visitor Visa
  • Partner Visa
  • Parent Visa
  • Student Visa
  • Prospective Marriage Visa
  • Skilled Visas
  • Employment Sponsored Visas
  • Business and Investment Visas
  • Much More

Major Types of Visas We Specialise In

Partner Visa Abbotsford:

Depending on the nature and length of your relationship, you may be qualified for both the permanent and temporary visas. There are so many options available and our visa agents will help you determine the most suitable visa for you. We provide end-to-end support and help you all the way from initial consultation to a successful immigration outcome. To be eligible for a Partner visa, you must prove your:

  • Continuing relationship
  • Social acceptance
  • Nature of the household
  • Financial commitment
  • Emotional support

Student Visa Abbotsford:

If you are applying for a student visa, you must prove that you enter the country only for the sole purpose of studying. In addition, you must provide evidence for having

  • An acceptable level of proficiency in English
  • Sufficient financial resources to cover the cost of studying and living in Australia
  • Overseas Student Health Coverage
  • Admission from a registered education provider

If you are really frustrated with the tedious Student visa process, you can talk to our education consultants and migration agents. Besides helping you with your application process, we can guide you in getting enrolment from a recognised educational institution.

To know more about our immigration services and our migration agent fees, feel free to call and talk to us on 1300 548 846.