Receiving a notice of Character cancellation can be as crushing as it is confusing. More often than not, people who receive such notifications are completely in the dark as to why their visa was being cancelled due to the ‘character cancellation’ clause. Understanding the reasons for this can help you make the necessary decisions as quickly as possible so you can take steps to get this decision reviewed and possibly even revoked.

According to the terms of the Department of Immigration and Border Protection, all applicants must necessarily pass the laid down character test. This is a mandatory requirement. The Minister for Immigration and Border Protection, also known simply as “the Minister” has the authority to cancel a person’s visa application if they do not pass this character test.

The good news is, most people do pass the test. Those who fail this test include:

  • Individuals who have a significant criminal record
  • Applicants who commit offences while they were in immigration detention
  • Individually who have convictions for one or multiple sex related offenses involving a minor
  • Anyone who is suspected of being involved in any type of crime including war crimes, genocide, human trafficking, people smuggling or any crime against humanity
  • Those who are convicted of escaping from immigration detention
  • Someone who is the subject of an Interpol investigation

While these are valid reasons for a Character cancellation, sometimes it may be that the visa cancellation is not justified. Your visa may have been refused or cancelled even though you do not come under any of the categories mentioned above.

If you find yourself in such a situation, you should not give up too easily and let your dreams die because of a mistake on the part of the evaluating officer. You are entitled to apply to get your visa reviewed but for this you need the help of a skilled Migration Agent.

Your whole future hinges on being able to get your visa application reviewed and your Character cancellation revoked. To be successful you must be able to submit a compelling argument that supports your application. You may also need to submit documentary evidence where applicable. If you try to do this by yourself, you may overlook a crucial point, which is a risk you cannot afford to take.

If you have received a Character cancellation notification, get in touch with LIVV Immigration right away. We are highly reputated and reliable immigration consultants with vast experience in visa cancellation and refusal. No matter what the reason behind the cancellation or refusal, we will help you submit a compelling application asking the authorities to review your application and overturn their earlier decision.

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