The process of applying for an Australia visa is a complex one. Your visa application consists of several legal jargons that you might not have proper understanding of. Making assumptions on the legal wording may put you at risk of submitting an application that doesn’t meet the requirements. This can result in your visa application being refused. Therefore, it is wise to consider appointing the services of a registered migration agent to handle your visa application process.

Serving our clients around Reservoir and the surrounding suburbs, our migration agents and education consultants are aware of all the legislative requirements and can ensure a full and completed visa application which ticks all the boxers.  

At LIVV Immigration, We Can Help You with The Following Types of Visas:

Major Types of Visas we Assist You With:

Partner Visa Reservoir:

Whether you are married or in a de factor relationship, you may be eligible to apply for a Partner visa. Therefore, you should provide evidence of meeting the following criteria:

  • Genuineness of your relationship
  • Ongoing commitment to each other
  • Nature of your household / cohabitation
  • Social acceptance
  • Financial interdependence

Student Visa Reservoir:

The Australian education system is one of the best in the world and is open to all students across the globe. Before applying for this visa, you must

  • Decide on the course and education institution you are interested in
  • Apply for admission in the institution
  • Get your confirmation of enrolment

To qualify for the student visa, you must provide evidence of financial support during your stay in Australia and fulfill academic requirements.

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