Partner View visa details >

The Partner visa enables individuals to join their legally recognized partners in Australia on a permanent basis

Prospective Marriage View visa details >

The Prospective Marriage visa is designed to allow individuals to enter Australia to marry their prospective partner.

Parent Visas View visa details >

Parent visa options allow parents to migrate to Australia by being sponsored by a child, or another eligible sponsor who is in Australia.

Other Family Visas View visa details >

All other available visa options relating to family visas.

Student Visas View visa details >

If you are interested in studying and enrolling in a course or degree in Australia, then the student visa is for you.

Visa Cancellation and Refusal View visa details >

When you are applying for an appeal for your Australian immigration visa, understanding the circumstances under which your visa was cancelled or refused is important so that you can take the appropriate steps when making an appeal to the Administrative Appeals Tribunal (AAT). At LIVV Immigration we specialise in preparing quality and effective submissions for your visa cancellation or refusal appeals. We also attend AAT hearings with our clients for additional support and advice.