Remaining Relative - Onshore (SC 835) / Offshore (SC 115)

Remaining relative visas are designed to enable individuals and their partners whose remaining relatives are currently residing in Australia to become permanent residents within the country. There are two types of remaining relative visas; the subclass 835 Visa is for individuals who are currently inside of Australia on another type of visa, while the subclass 115 Visa enables individuals currently outside Australia to apply to enjoy the same benefits.

Neither visa will entitle you to become a full Australian citizen. A wholly separate application process must be completed before this can occur. Both visas also require sponsorship from one of your remaining relatives or partner’s who are currently residing in Australia. Read on for more details.

To be eligible for an Onshore (835) or Offshore (115) visa…

… you must be in Australia already (for the 835 visa). If you are currently outside Australia, you must apply for the Offshore 115 visa.

… your (and your partner’s) only remaining close relatives are Australian citizens, New Zealand citizens or permanent residents of Australia already.

… these relatives must be your (and your partner’s) only remaining near relatives as defined by Australian migration law.

… one of these relatives or their partners must agree to sponsor your visa application.

With this visa, you will be able to…

… enjoy the rights of a permanent resident of Australia, with indefinite leave to remain.

… begin your application for full Australian citizenship.

… enjoy travel into and out of Australia for five years, starting from the date that the visa is granted. After five years you must apply for another visa to continue this practice.

With this visa, you will NOT be able to…

… sponsor a remaining relative visa for anyone else.

… return to Australia after the initial five year period is completed, if you have left the country and wish to return after the initial five year period has expired. To legally enter Australia after the completion of this period, you must have another valid visa. This will depend on the length of time spent outside of Australia and the length of time spent in Australia within the 5-year period. 

Before you start your application…

… check that the Australian government has not already passed its remaining relative visa quotient for this year.

… ensure that your passport is valid and will continue to be valid for the duration of the application process.

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