Prospective Marriage

Prospective Marriage Visa - Offshore (subclass 300)

The Prospective Marriage visa is designed to allow individuals to enter Australia to marry their prospective partner. The visa is effectively a temporary visa which remains valid for nine months after it has been granted, and applications must be submitted from outside Australia, with entry only permitted once the visa has been issued.

While your prospective spouse must be a full Australian citizen, an individual with permanent resident status within Australia, or an eligible New Zealand citizen, the actual wedding itself does not need to take place within Australia. Instead, the wedding can be held anywhere in the world.

After the marriage has taken place, a temporary Partner visa must be applied for. The latter will provide you with full rights as a permanent resident of Australia. Read on for more information regarding the Prospective Marriage visa.

To be eligible for the Prospective Marriage visa (300)…

… you must intend to marry an Australian citizen, an individual with permanent resident status in Australia, or an eligible citizen of New Zealand.

… you must be able to satisfy the Australian immigration authorities regarding your sincerity towards the marriage.

… you must be outside Australia when your application is submitted and remain outside until it is granted.

… you must be prepared to submit to health and character tests. These tests are not always required with this kind of visa application.

With this visa, you will be able to…

… enjoy full rights to enter and exit Australia during the nine-month validity of the visa. There are no restrictions on how many times you can do this.

… enter Australia before the date of your intended marriage and with adequate time to get all preparations in order.

… find employment in Australia; although employers are under no obligation to hire anyone who holds only a temporary visa.

… study in Australia, providing this study is self-funded. Holders of a Prospective Marriage visa will not be able to apply for the Australian government’s education funding.

… begin an application for a Partner visa once the wedding ceremony is completed.

With this visa, you will NOT be able to…

… remain in Australia for a period of more than nine months. Those who wish to remain in Australia beyond this time limit must apply for a partner visa.

… gain access to government funding for further education.

… enjoy any other rights associated with permanent resident visas.

Before you begin your application…

… ensure that your passport is current and will continue to be valid for the duration of your application procedure and visa validity period.

… check to make sure that all of your supporting documents are completed and ready to be submitted. Contact our team for more information on which supporting documentation you may require.

… DO NOT make arrangements to travel to Australia. Sometimes the authorities may require you to submit further information, which can delay the processing time on your visa. Also, there is no guarantee that your visa will be granted, so wait until you receive written confirmation before finalizing your travel plans. In the event that your visa application is rejected, you will be provided with a full explanation as well as details relating to the appeal and review procedure.

Processing times and costs can vary greatly for Prospective Marriage visas, and are subject to change. To learn more about the latest pricing information, to have any questions answered, or to get your application started today, please click here.