Partner Visa – Onshore (Temp 820 / Perm 801) – Offshore (Temp 309 / Perm 100)

The Partner visa enables individuals to join their legally recognized partners in Australia on a permanent basis. This is a particularly popular visa choice, and so has an average processing time of between twelve and fifteen months.

There is no guarantee that the visa will be granted, even if you have all the correct documentation to support your application. In the case of a refusal, you will be informed of the reasons that influenced the refusal, the rights you have to a full review and appeal, and the time limit within which you must lodge your appeal. Please note that review rights are not automatically granted. Read on for more information on this visa.

To be eligible for the onshore visa (820 / 801) or the offshore visa option (309 / 100)…

… you must be married to an Australian citizen, to a permanent resident of Australia or to a New Zealand citizen who meets the requirements of the Australian immigration authorities. Alternatively, if you are in a de facto or legally recognized partnership with one of the above, you will be eligible to apply for this visa.

… you are in Australia at the time your application is submitted (for the Onshore 820 / 801 visas). If you are applying from outside of Australia, you must submit an application for the 309 / 100 offshore visa.

… USUALLY you must currently be in an ongoing relationship with the person mentioned above, although this is not always the case. Get in touch with us to discuss your options if this applies to you.

With the temporary visas (820 for onshore or 309 for offshore) you will be able to…

… remain within Australia until the point that a decision can be made on your permanent visa.

… find employment in Australia during your stay.

… engage in self-funded study in Australia. You will not be permitted to gain any government funding during your study.

… enrol in Australia’s Medicare program to acquire insurance cover for healthcare and medical treatment expenses.

… add dependent children to your visa application, but not dependent adult relatives. To add a dependent adult relative to your visa, a further application is required.

With the permanent visa (801 or 100), you will be able to…

… remain indefinitely within Australia.

… find employment within Australia.

… enjoy unrestricted rights to study in Australia, and become eligible to apply for government funding in the form of loans and grants.

… receive restricted welfare rights, including social security payments.

… provide sponsorship to relatives who are eligible to apply for permanent resident status within Australia.

… travel into and out of Australia with no restrictions until five years have passed after the visa was originally granted. To enter Australia after this point, an additional visa must be applied for.

Before you begin your application…

… ensure that your passport is valid, up-to-date and will continue to be for the duration of your application. Bear in mind that it can take up to 15 months to process this kind of visa.

… ensure that all supporting documentation is adequately completed. To provide further information to support an already submitted application, or correct existing information, download and complete Form 1023. Changes in circumstances or passport information must be reported to the relevant authorities using Form 1022 or Form 929.

Visa costs vary and are subject to change, please contact a member of our service team for the latest information regarding this. For further information or to get your application underway, please click here.