Parent Visa - Offshore (Subclass 103)

If you have a child who resides in Australia either as a citizen or a permanent resident, you may be able to join them in the country on a Parent visa (103). Read on for more details regarding this visa type.

To be eligible for the 103 visa…

… your child must be an Australian citizen, a New Zealand citizen settled within Australia or a permanent resident of Australia.

… you must have valid sponsorship.

… you must be prepared to wait in a long queue before your application is considered and decided upon. Waiting times can be up to 30 years in some cases.

… you must be able to pass the balance-of-family test. This test relates to the number of your children residing within and outside of Australia. Contact us directly for more information on this.

... you will need to find a person or organisation who is willing to give you an assurance of support. This can be your sponsor or another person. Maximum of three people can provide an assurance of support for you. The purpose of the assurance is to provide and demonstrate a legal commitment that someone is willing to provide you with financial support so you do not have to rely on social security payments.

… NOT currently be using an Australian visa with a ‘no further stay’ condition attached to it.

With this visa, you will be able to…

… enjoy the right of indefinite leave to remain in Australia.

… find employment or study within Australia.

… enrol in the Medicare program to receive cover for expenses related to health care.

… begin an Australian citizenship application.

… enjoy travel into and out of Australia for up to five years after the visa is issued. After this point, an additional visa must be applied for.

… provide sponsorship to eligible individuals seeking Australian visas.

With this visa you will NOT be able to…

… expect automatic approval on a citizenship application

… return to Australia after the initial five year period is completed, if you have left the country and wish to return after the initial five year period has expired. To legally enter Australia after the completion of this period, you must have another valid visa. This will depend on the length of time spent outside of Australia and the length of time spent in Australia within the 5-year period. 

Before you begin your application…

… you must consider your circumstances. There is an incredibly long waiting list for the 103 visa, and applications can take multiple decades to be decided on. If you meet the requirements for a Contributory Parent visa (permanent – 143; temporary – 173) this may be a better option. Contact us directly to hear advice specific to your situation.

… check that your passport is valid at the time of application submission.

… check your previous Australian visas. People who have been granted a Visitor visa (600) or Tourist visa (676) via ministerial intervention in the past should contact us to discuss your options.

Visa costs are variable. For the latest costs and charges applicable to your visa – or for further information regarding entrance into Australia – contact us.