Migration Agent Fees for Service

In the interest of transparency and to ensure that our clients can prepare for, and manage the application process in the most stress-free way possible, we offer full disclosure of our fees, which are set out below.

Please be advised that the below figures do not represent the entire cost of a visa application. Government fees are also applicable to each application. The government application fees relevant to each visa are available online at https://www.border.gov.au. An application may also incur miscellaneous costs such as an application for a police-background check.

In any case, a more definite estimate of the total costs involved to a particular application can be determined during a consultation with one of our advisors. LIVV Immigration is a MARA registered agency and is held to the highest standards regarding transparency and fair treatment of clients by the Migration Agents Registration Authority.

Table of Professional Fees:

Partner Visas
Description Subclass Fees
Prospective Marriage Visa 300 $2,500.00
Partner Visa (Onshore) 820 & 801 $2,500.00
Partner Visa (Offshore) 309 & 100 $2,500.00
Family Visas
Description Subclass Fees
Child Visa  101 & 802 $1,900.00
Parent Visa  103 $1,900.00
Contributory Parent Visa 173 & 143 $2,100.00
Aged Parent Visa  804 $2,100.00
Contributory Aged Parent Visa  884 & 864 $2,100.00
Adoption Visa  102 $3,400.00
Orphan Relative Visa  837 & 117 $4,000.00
Dependent Child Visa 445 $1,700.00
Aged Dependent Relative Visa  838 & 114 $2,400.00
Remaining Relative Visa 835 & 115 $2,100.00
Carer Visa  836 & 116 $2,400.00
Student Visas 
Description Subclass Fees
Student Visa  500 $800.00
Student Guardian Visa 590 $800.00
Other Visas and Services
Visitor Visa  600 $600.00
Bridging Visa N/A $280.00
Tribunal Appeals Process (Visa refusal and Cancellation) N/A $2,600.00 - $4,400.00
Citizenship Applications  N/A $600.00
Self-Prepared Partner Visa Application Check and Advice  N/A $800.00

All Fees Inclusive of GST. Clients located outside of Australia GST is not applicable.

Please note costs for assistance with Tribunal Appeals may very depending on the complexity of the case.