Dependent Child - Offshore (Subclass 445)

The Dependent Child (445) visa enables the child of a parent who is currently holding a temporary Partner visa to join them in Australia. The visa also allows children of individuals already holding a Dependent Child visa to enter and remain in the country while a permanent Partner visa application is considered. In both cases, a sponsor is required and that sponsor must be the same person who has sponsored the child’s parent. Read on to find out more.

To be eligible for an Offshore (445)…

… the parent of the child must hold either a temporary Partner visa (309 or 820) or hold a Dependent Child visa themselves.

… the child must be below 18 years of age, in most cases. If the applicant is over 18, they must be dependent financially on the parent holding either of the visas mentioned above, or unable to work due to physical or mental illness, as recommended by the Australian authorities.

… the child must be sponsored by the same person who provided sponsorship to the parent as mentioned above.

… the child must be unmarried.

… the child must NOT hold any visa with a ‘no further stay’ condition attached.

With this visa, your child will be able to…

… travel into and out of Australia during the validity period of the visa.

… remain within the country while their parent’s permanent Partner visa application is under review.

… find work and/or education within Australia.

… apply for a permanent Partner visa. (The child must begin his or her application for the permanent Partner visa BEFORE the parent’s application for the same visa is complete.)

… enrol in Australia’s Medicare program. (An application for a permanent Partner visa must be submitted BEFORE applying for this program.)

… submit a visa application for their own dependent children. (The child cannot sponsor these children. The sponsor must be the same person as the one who sponsored their own application.)

Before your application…

… check the current processing time for the visa and ensure that the child’s passport will be valid for the duration.

… download and complete Form 918 ((Application for a subclass 445 (Temporary) visa by a dependent child)).

… check the document list attached to Form 918 and make sure that you have all documentation in your possession before submitting the application.

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