Contributory Aged Parent - Onshore (Temp / 884)(Per / 864)

The Contributory Aged Parent visa gives parents of pensionable age the opportunity to pay for faster processing times than those offered by the standard Aged Parent visa. As waiting times for Aged Parent visas can take up to 30 years, this option provides an attractive alternative for many who wish to pay a higher visa application charge for faster processing times. Read on to learn more about these types of visas.

To be eligible for the 884 / 864 visas…

… you must be currently within Australia to apply for this visa. The subclass 884 is the temporary stage for this visa, which allows you to remain in Australia for two years. Within this two-year period you must apply for the subclass 864 Visa, which is the permanent stage for the onshore “Contributory Aged Parent Visa”. This allows you to spread the costs of the visa over a number of years, however applicant can choose to skip the two-year temporary stage and apply directly for the permanent visa (864).   

… you must have sponsorship from an eligible party.

… you must be of pensionable age as designated under Australian law.

… you must be able to pass the immigration authorities’ balance-of-family test. The test regards the number of children you have who reside inside and outside Australia. Please contact a member of our team for further information.

… you will need to find a person or organisation who is willing to give you an assurance of support. This can be your sponsor or another person. Maximum of three people can provide an assurance of support for you. The purpose of the assurance is to provide and demonstrate a legal commitment that someone is willing to provide you with financial support so you do not have to rely on social security payments.  

… you must meet certain health and character requirements.

… you must be able to pay the processing costs of this visa, which are higher than those of a standard Parent visa. Get in touch with our team for the latest visa costs.

With this visa (864) you will be able to…

… remain in Australia for an indefinite period.

… find employment or begin studying in Australia.

… enrol in the Medicare program which provides healthcare cover to Australian citizens and residents.

… sponsor any relatives who are eligible to apply for permanent resident status.

… begin an application for full citizenship.

… enter and exit Australia without limitation for five years, beginning on the date your visa is granted. Following this period, an additional visa application will need to be submitted.

With this visa you will NOT be able to…

… receive any guarantees regarding a full citizenship application.

… enter Australia once the initial period of five years is completed, if you have chosen to leave the country. This will depend on the length of time spent outside of Australia and the length of time spent in Australia within the 5-year period. 

Before your application begins…

… check you circumstances. Because of the high cost associated with a Contributory Aged Parent visa, some candidates opt to spread the cost by applying for a temporary Contributory Aged Parent visa onshore (884), before completing a permanent application (864).

… ensure that your passport is up-to-date and valid upon submission.

… check your previous visas. If you have received a Tourist (676) or Visitor (600) visa through ministerial intervention in the past, you are advised to contact a member of our team directly to discuss your options.

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