Adoption Visa - Offshore (Subclass 102)

The Adoption visa (102) allows an adopted child, or a child in the process of adoption, to live in Australia, provided that at least one of the adoptive parents is a full citizen or permanent resident of Australia, or an eligible New Zealand citizen. The adoptive parents must not have contravened any domestic or international regulations during the adoption, and must not have been found to have contrived a residence abroad in an effort to avoid Australian adoption laws.

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To be eligible for the Adoption visa (102) the child…

… must be younger than 18 years of age.

… must have been adopted already, or already be in the process of being adopted.

… must be receiving sponsorship from a parent or prospective parent who is a full citizen or permanent resident of Australia, or an eligible full citizen of New Zealand.

… must have his or her application submitted outside of Australia.

… must prove that the grant of visa is in the child’s best interest 

With this visa, the child will be able to…

… enter Australia and remain within the country on an indefinite basis as a permanent resident.

… find work and engage in education in Australia.

… apply for enrolment in the Medicare scheme, which provides insurance cover for medical-related expenses.

… begin an application for full citizenship in Australia.

… travel into and out of Australia an unrestricted number of times for up to five years after the visa is issued. To enter Australia after this point, an additional visa must be applied for depending on the time spent outside of Australia.

With this visa, the child will NOT be able to…

… return to Australia after the initial five year period is completed, if the child has left the country and wishes to return after the initial five year period has expired. To legally enter Australia after the completion of this period, the child must have another valid visa. This will depend on the length of time spent outside of Australia and the length of time spent in Australia within the 5-year period. 

Before you begin your application…

… research Australian adoption law and the adoption law in the child’s country of origin. International adoption is a complex procedure and all legal requirements must be adhered to for the process to be successful. Because of this, there is no guarantee that the visa application will be accepted, nor can Australian immigration authorities advise you on any other matters involving the adoption.

… ensure that all countries involved in the adoption are signatories to the Hague Adoption Convention.

… ensure that the child is not being adopted from Pakistan. The Australian government will not issue Adoption visas for children of Pakistani origin, as of 14 December 2015.

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