Aged Parent Visa - Onshore (Subclass 804)

Parents of a pensionable age who have a child in Australia can apply for the Aged Parent (subclass 804) visa. This visa is only open to individuals already inside Australia. Read on for more details.

To be eligible for an Aged Parent (804) visa…

… you must have a child who is already a citizen or permanent resident of Australia, or is a citizen of New Zealand who meets eligibility requirements.

… you must be in Australia already on an existing, valid visa.

… you must have sponsorship in place.

… you must be of pensionable age, as defined by Australian law.

… you must meet the requirements of the balance-of-family test. This is a test, which relates to the number of children you currently have residing inside and outside of Australia. Contact us for specific details.

… a sponsor or organisation must be willing to give you an assurance of support. Total of three people may be assurers for you. The purpose of the assurance is to ensure the Australian government that someone is willing to provide you with financial support, so you do not need to rely on social security payments. 

…you must be prepared to wait in a lengthy queue while your visa is being processed. Waiting times can be up to 30 years for this kind of visa. For a faster visa processing option, please click here.

… your current visa must NOT have a ‘no further stay’ condition attached to it.

With this visa, you will be able to…

… stay indefinitely within Australia.

… enjoy the right to work and study within Australia.

… enrol in the Medicare program of Australia, which will give you insurance protection for healthcare-related expenses.

… begin an application for full citizenship.

… sponsor relatives who are eligible for a permanent residence permit.

… travel to and from Australia for up to five years following the issue date of your visa. After this time a new visa must be applied for.

With this visa, you will NOT be able to…

… expect that your citizenship application will be automatically granted.

… return to Australia after the initial five year period is completed, if you have left the country and wish to return after the initial five year period has expired. To legally enter Australia after the completion of this period, you must have another valid visa. This will depend on the length of time spent outside of Australia and the length of time spent in Australia within the 5-year period. 

Before your application begins…

… examine your own circumstances. Waiting lists on this kind of visa are incredibly long, sometimes up to 30 years. If you are eligible for a Contributory Aged Parent visa (permanent – 864; temporary – 884), this could prove to be a speedier option.

… check that your passport will be valid and up-to-date when you begin your application.

… check to see if you have been granted a Tourist 676 or 600 visa through ministerial intervention in the past. If you have, get in touch with us to discuss your options.

Due to the variable nature of visa costs, it is advisable to contact us directly to learn about the latest pricing details. For all other enquiries or to get your visa application started, contact us.